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For the best possible prices on quality, GIA certified loose diamonds, buy from Australia’s largest importer and wholesaler at the best wholesale trade diamond prices online.

  • All our loose diamonds are GIA Certified and come with a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Buy with confidence at wholesale prices from one of Australia’s leading diamond importers
  • Create your own unique piece of jewellery with our team of specialist jewellers
  • Search for quality, loose, certified diamonds and get personal, free advice on choosing the right stone for you

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Your own special gem

Each precious diamond is unique and individual. It’s not the size of a diamond that determines its quality or worth, but the sum of several elements. Your first step towards selecting the perfect diamond is understanding the 4 C’s – Cut, Carat, Colour, and Certification. Learn all you need to know about the 4 C’s of diamond quality and start your journey towards a precious diamond of the very best quality to suit your price range. If the finest quality is what you’re looking for, you can’t beat a GIA certified diamond or coloured stone. You know you’ve found quality item when a diamond is certified by the GIA. The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) is considered to be the world’s primary expert body on diamonds and coloured stones and at Brisbane Diamond Company, we’re proud to offer you a range of diamonds that have obtained GIA certification.

Customising and designing your own bespoke diamond ring is an exciting experience for a true romantic. The team from Brisbane Diamond Company will make it an easy and enjoyable experience that you will remember for all time and when you are looking to design a ring, that’s uniquely yours, at Brisbane Diamond Company every design is custom made to your specification and it’s all part of the price – no extra charge! If you have a vision in mind for a spectacular ring design, we will help you design and craft a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that you will treasure. We are happy to adjust diamond sizes, colours, clarity, grades, certifications, and ring designs to work according to your personal budget demands. Inspect online from our web shop and choose from over twenty thousand high-quality loose diamonds and precious gemstones, all available for you to craft your very own bespoke ring. Information about every diamond cut and quality are available on this website; we can make every type of ring in every type of gold available. Whether you’re looking for a round, cushion or princess cut set in a solitaire, halo or trilogy setting, we can turn your dream ring into reality. Our GIA certified and trained consultants will work with you to plan your unique bespoke ring setting, so the ring of your dreams becomes your reality

Your own unique style

Make your proposal truly unique with a stunning white diamond engagement ring she will adore for all time. She deserves only the very best and will be compelled to answer with yes when you present her with a sparkling engagement ring that you personally  customised from Brisbane Diamond Company.

When you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring, remember that there are no rules to limit the imagination. Our bespoke designer engagement rings include everything from traditional round brilliant diamond rings to more contemporary diamond ring designs with pear shape or oval shape diamonds, square or princess ring designs or maybe a cushion cut is more to your liking.

At Brisbane Diamond Company, we’ve been creating custom made diamond rings for online customers since 1999. So, if you have an idea in mind for a sensational diamond ring, we have the expertise and experience to craft a one-of-a-kind piece of diamond jewellery that’s uniquely yours and guaranteed for life.

A diamond ring designed just for you is something truly special that will be treasured for forever, and what better way to symbolise your love and commitment to one another, than to create a custom engagement ring or custom wedding ring for your partner.

A custom diamond ring of exquisite beauty doesn’t need to be created just for a special occasion, a diamond ring that reflects your unique style, personality and beauty is something every woman deserves to own and wear.

Traditional Halo Oval

Education Centre

Purchasing a diamond is a new experience, but it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming one.   Our diamond education pages are designed to answer all your questions.


Buy a certified loose diamond at wholesale prices direct from us and get a unique, custom jewellery piece created by our team of specialist jewellers just for you. You can be confident that the stone you choose is GIA certified and cut to exacting standards and perfect proportions for maximum brilliance. Talk to us today for advice on choosing the right cut, clarity and colour for your design.

We service worldwide and have a huge selection of quality loose diamonds at affordable prices, no matter what the requirement. Whether it’s for an engagement ring or other unique piece of jewellery, we have the best stones at the best prices and all with a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Learn how to buy a diamond online, search and buy at the best prices for gia diamonds international Brisbane and get advice from our trained consultants who will help you make the right choice when selecting your own loose diamonds. If you are looking for the best price for gia diamonds international Brisbane, make sure you contact us on FREECALL 1800 423 786 or through our contact page and one of our trained consultants will call you to discuss your purchase of the perfect diamond.   All of our gia diamonds international Brisbane are sourced directly from the diamond polishing manufacturers and sold directly to our customers at wholesale prices in Brisbane.   When you buy a diamond from an Australian based diamond merchant, you are getting the security of a business that is bound by Australian consumer regulations. We offer a life-time warranty on all of our products and any issues will be fixed in Australia without the need for sending your diamond ring overseas.

Are you searching for affordable engagement rings Brisbane that are Australian custom designed and made, call us on 1800 423 786. We offer the best prices on custom engagement rings Brisbane with the guarantee of quality Australian made jewellery.   View our engagement ring gallery where we offer Brisbane diamond rings for sale showcasing all our custom engagement rings Brisbane from classic round brilliant solitaire designs to contemporary three stone diamond engagement rings.

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