Weighing 227 carats, latest gemstone from Lucapa’s Angolan diamond mine

Big, valuable gemstones that may eventually get cut into smaller diamonds keep getting discovered in Angola. Today Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX:LOM) said it has uncovered yet another epic rock from its Lulo mine, the second largest to be pulled from deep inside the earth at Lulo. The stone weighing 227 carats, discovered by Lucapa and […]


Fully Grown CVD Diamonds

CVD DIAMONDS – SYNTHETIC MAN MADE Produced using microwaves and gasses in vacuum plasma reactors CVD Diamonds “Chemical Vapour Deposition” are synthetic diamonds. Due to a heated exchange hydrocarbon gasses break down, and carbon atoms begin to precipitate in thin layers onto a flat substrate or wafer. The deposits occur a in similar way that […]


There are two types of HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) natural diamonds The first is a lab-grown, or synthetic, diamond that is created using HPHT by simulating  conditions by which a natural diamond is made deep in the earth’s crust. The second is a natural diamond that uses HPHT to change the brownish color of […]

Coloured Diamond Investment

fancy coloured diamond investment savvt

Fancy coloured diamond prices made significant gains during 2016 while other goods maintain their price levels. Well documented, the strength of the coloured diamond market is maintaining its decade-long upward momentum. Through the crash of 2008 far exceeding the share market and realestate markets both internationally and at home here in Australia. Driven by savvy […]

Argyle / Rio Tinto Violet Diamond

The largest violet diamond unearthed from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia goes on sale to tender this year. Violet coloured diamonds are extremely rare, the Argyle mine has produced only 12 carats of polished violet diamonds in the last 32 years. Around 90 percent of the world’s rare pink diamonds come from Argyle, […]

Stephen Webster White Kites’ Jewellery

Hearts On Fire and Stephen Webster Chow Tai Fook-owned diamond jewellery brand Hearts On Fire announced it is working with famous UK-Based designer Stephen Webster (pictured). The collaboration marks the first time Hearts On Fire has worked with a designer in this manner. Chow Tai Fooks‘ diamond brand Hearts On Fire in jewellery made with […]

Adding the sparkle to diamonds

 Diamond Cutting Polishing a beginners guide There is only one quality of a diamond which we control, diamond cut.  Don’t confuse diamond cut with diamond shape, for example a round brilliant cut diamond. . The cut refers to how well the stone is cut, the qualities of the diamond – how well the cut unlocks the diamond’s fire […]