Latest Jewellery Trends for 2019

The Tiffany Classic is ageless continues to be the number 1

Latest Jewellery Design Trends for 2019

By svanip | Jan 20, 2019 |

Latest Jewellery Trends for 2019 The Tiffany Classic is ageless continues to be the number 1

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Top 3 Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

By Megan Barnes | Apr 26, 2018 |

If you are looking for a diamond shape that is timeless, yet distinctive, then you can’t go past a pear shaped diamond. Pear shaped diamonds, sometimes referred to as “teardrop diamonds”, are named for their unique shape.  The pear diamond’s combination of the classic round cut with the stylish marquise diamond shape gives it a…

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Unique Oval Engagement Rings

By Megan Barnes | Apr 3, 2018 |

An oval shape diamond is the perfect choice for those who love the brilliance of a round cut diamond, but prefer something a little more unique! Oval engagement rings are increasing popula popular than ever, and for a good reason! With celebrities like Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Middleton all wearing rings with oval shaped…

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20th Wedding Anniversary Ring

By Megan Barnes | Mar 9, 2018 |

We were contacted by a client who wanted to upgrade his wife’s diamond ring for their 20th wedding anniversary as a special surprise for her.  We found him a gorgeous 2.50ct H SI Round Brilliant diamond which fit within his budget (which he was extremely happy about!).  He surreptitiously took a photo of his wife’s original…

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Sotheby’s Offers Rare 102ct. D-Flawless Diamond

By Megan Barnes | Feb 13, 2018 |

Sotheby’s has unveiled a rare white diamond that, it claims, is the only known round brilliant-cut diamond over 100 carats possessing the highest cut, colour and clarity grades. Sotheby’s Diamonds, the group’s retail boutique, revealed the 102.34-carat, D-color, flawless stone to mark the first anniversary of its salon on London’s New Bond Street, the auction…

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Bankrupt Sydney Jewellers Kate and Ronny Bensimon

By svanip | Dec 20, 2017 |
Fake Diamond dealer from Sydney Australia Ron Bensimon of the Jewish comunity

Ronny and Kate Bensimon are members of the Jewish comunity in Australia Despite the financial situation and status as a bankrupt, Mr Bensimon continues to trade diamonds though a company established by his wife, Kate Bensimon. The couple are understood to have relocated to Sydney’s Bondi Beach earlier this year, after launching a new website…

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Megan Markle Engagement Ring Prince Harry

By svanip | Nov 28, 2017 |

Megan Markle and Prince Harry Engagement Ring Meghan Markle’s new engagement ring from Prince Harry is extraordinary. The stunning diamond ring is fit for an incoming member of the royal family. Designed with input from Prince Harry himself, the engagement ring features diamonds not only of substantial monetary value, but also of invaluable sentimental value…

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The Bachelor Engagement Ring

By Megan Barnes | Aug 9, 2017 |

Are you going to be getting engaged soon along with the Bachelor and his chosen Bachelorette?  View our new design that has been created especially for the girls saying “Yes” in the next month or two !  This on trend design comes in rose, yellow or white gold, and also platinum !  Contact us now…

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10 Incredible Facts about Diamonds

By Megan Barnes | Mar 24, 2017 |

Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April, which means that the lucky ladies born in April can ask for these gorgeous gemstones as birthday presents ! We’ve put together 10 interesting facts and bits of knowledge about diamonds: Diamonds are billions of years old—in some cases more than three billion years old. The…

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Blue Diamonds – why are they so expensive?

By Megan Barnes | Mar 14, 2017 |
Brisbane diamond company wholesale diamonds

A recent report of the FCRF (Fancy Colour Research Foundation) highlighted that blue diamonds are reaching a peak in diamond prices – but why are blue diamonds so expensive? Well, these diamonds are very rare, especially the ones very intense in colour. We have always thought of diamonds to be white and sparking however, the…

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