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We are a local family operated company of professional diamond buyers, sometimes called diamond graders, diamond merchants or wholesaler suppliers of polished diamonds, we supply to jewellery retailers and manufacturing jewellers, now you can buy online direct from us. Our vision of democratizing the diamond industry was facilitated through technology and the internet, a journey which began in 1999. Collectively our experience spans over 60 years in the polished diamond and rough diamond industries. This unique experience proves invaluable when guiding our customers through the process of purchasing a polished diamond in Australia.  We have an extensive customer base in the local Brisbane market, our brand and our people are synonymous for honesty, trust, quality and excellence in service, our happy customers are testament to that fact.

The early days

In 1999 with the online business space moving rapidly our owners saw a new price savvy customer space developing, a customer hungry for knowledge to understand, learn and break down the barriers that were traditionally closed to the consumer by the jewellery and diamond industry retail and wholesale operators. Understanding our customer needs for a proactive approach we commenced trading online with Brisbane Diamond Exchange. Our initial startup commenced and grew rapidly, this initial offering was developed in conjunction with our Omnia Diamonds operation in the wholesale trade space. In 2011 we re-branded into our current operations,  together we developed our artisan jewellery manufacturing facility all built for our mutual passions for diamonds, jewellery design, CAD and web based technologies.


Sorting and Grading a Parcel of polished Diamonds in Brisbane

Enjoy the savings

Our business supports our beautiful families and co-workers. We love that we’re able to supply diamonds at wholesale prices and create incredible, quality jewellery, to further our mission to democratize diamonds through technology. In all, you can feel pretty good about giving us your business.

The Brisbane Diamond Company Team

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(We are not a retail shop – this is an online service only )

International Diamond Corporation Pty Ltd
trading as Brisbane Diamond Company
ACN 90 168 831 785

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