Hidden Halo v Traditional Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Design

Many customers ask me about the Hidden Halo or under halo engagement ring design and I must admit that the first time I heard this, I didn’t get it and had never heard of the term before.

Bring on the marketing team “yey” add some fake news and let’s rebrand a rather unattractive engagement ring component name, called the underrail.

This component its very well hidden indeed, in fact you can’t see it all ! when looking down onto the finger.

Let’s understand it is for what it really is, diamonds are micro pave set into the underrails located in various positions attached to the claws or prongs under the centre diamond or central gemstone.

You can clearly see the difference in the images below “Hidden Halo” “Under Halo” verses traditional halo style diamond engagement ring.

We make them all anyway, give our team a call on 1800 423 786 and create you own bespoke design.


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